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Waterproof Terry Bib Crumb Catcher

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The Waterproof Terry Bib Crumb Catcher is a lightweight, adult-sized terry bib with a crumb catcher pocket. The large pocket, at the bottom of the bib, catches crumbs and opens with snaps to facilitate easy crumb removal. The soft, terry materials keeps the wearer comfortable during use, while the simple velcro closure allows for easy on and off application.

The Waterproof Terry Bib Crumb Catchers are made from high quality materials, are machine washable, and designed to endure countless washes. These make a great choice for individuals who may experience frequent spilling and dropping of food.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable and Generously-Sized Clothing Protector
  • Made of Soft Light Blue French Terry with Lightweight Waterproof Backing
  • Roomy Catch-All Pocket At the Bottom Catches Crumbs
  • Opens With Snaps For Easy Crumb Removal
  • Machine Washable

Size: 32" x 20"
Color: Light Blue, Burgundy

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