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The diabetic patients suffer from various health problems and due to that, they have to limit their physical activities. Diabetes affects the feet and legs, therefore, these patients have to pay special attention to their foot health. CareActive has introduced specially designed diabetic footwear. These shoes offer protection to the feet of diabetic patients and prevent them from any skin breakdown. 

Protective Inside: The CareActive diabetic shoes are made up of soft material so that they deliver comfort. These shoes do not have protruding stitching because the smallest prominence can lead to skin breakdown. 

Stretchable Upper Side: These diabetic shoes have stretchable uppers to offer extra protection and also provide ease to pressure points. 

Orthotic Support: The CareActive diabetic shoes are specially built with anatomical insoles that offer good arch support, and also reduce pressure at the bottom side of your feet. 

Extra-Depth Design: The diabetic shoes at CareActive are designed to make sure a good fit and no pressure at either side of your feet. These shoes are guaranteed to provide extra comfort to the sensitive foot. In addition to this, the extra space lets you insert diabetic insoles or without any problem.

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